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Is Cash King? Thumbnail

Is Cash King?

While there are always very important reasons to hold cash, I would hardly call cash the king, maybe the royal doctor, but certainly not king.

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The Art of Growing Old Thumbnail

The Art of Growing Old

There is one thing that is inescapable; we are all getting older every day. I think those that seek beauty, peace, and meaning in their aging journey will find their older years are more enjoyable than those who constantly try to measure their position in life.

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Why the Markets Really Don’t Matter Thumbnail

Why the Markets Really Don’t Matter

Because we know our fear can cause us to make the wrong decisions, it is crucial that we understand what it is we want our money to do for us, both short-term and long-term.If you are going to use your money in 3 months, you really should not be taking risk, and if you do not need your money for several years, then that risk can be our ally.

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